Residential & Commercial Real Estate Lead Generation With SEO

Commercial Real Estate brokers and salespersons live off of commissions. Commissions come from sales. Sales comes from leads. Lead generation is the lifeblood of real estate people just like any other business.

There are countless ways to generate leads, but we specialize in SEO or search engine optimization lead generation. So when people search on Google, they find you versus your competitors. Just like you were able to find this page because of our SEO abilities, people looking for agents, brokers, homes for sale, buildings for sale will be able to find you.

We have a partnership with a broker who came to us looking for a way to generate more leads in Bronx, NY. So we got to work, and a few months later, if you search Bronx commercial real estate brokers you see their phone number at #1 in the maps (proof below).

¬†As you can see, their listing is #1 right underneath the ad listing. Now imagine, being #1 in your city for when someone is searching something relevant to you. They’ve been getting an extra 10-20 calls a month that they weren’t before. Think about what that would do for your real estate career. Most people spend their efforts cold calling, so the idea of getting calls is a huge luxury in this industry with the fierce competition.

There are so many advantages to using SEO as a lead generation strategy. Here are 3 reasons to think about.

  1. The amount of people using search to find what they’re looking for is only rising. Google changed the way consumers searched for products and services. Now they can search and be in control of who they choose. The days of effective billboard advertising is behind us. There’s a reason those prices are dropping and prices in SEO are rising.
  2. People choose organic more than paid listings. A lot of people are realizing that getting found on Google can be great for their business. Since it’s a lot easier to get on the paid listings, that’s what most people look to sell. Put you at the top of Google, in just days. And it’s true, but at the end of the day it’s a paid listing and most people hate ads and naturally skip over them. There was a study that 80% of visitors skip the ad section and click on one of the organic results. SEO is ranking organically, not by using Google Adwords platform.
  3. It’s the perfect time to take advantage. Especially in the real estate industry the competition is at the lowest it will ever be. The difficulty to get to the top quickly, will never be so low. So by, partnering up with us, you are taking advantage at the perfect time. You will be one of the first of your competitors to see this opportunity and take advantage of it. While everyone is relying solely on cold calls, you will be able to attract leads to you.

Keep in mind, we come up with exclusive deals, so when someone comes to us and claims a city, they have exclusive rights meaning we won’t take on another client for that city. To make sure you claim your city, fill out the form right away so we can speak and begin the process.