RealtyShares raises $28 million for commercial real estate investing

Commercial real estate can be a lucrative investment, but it can be hard to come up with the money to buy a stake in the first place.

That’s the idea behind RealtyShares, a platform which pools together debt and equity investments for apartments, office buildings and retail centers.

Now the San Francisco-based startup has gained enough traction to find another big investment for itself. RealtyShares is raising a $28 million Series C round led by Cross Creek Advisors, with participation from existing investors including Union Square Ventures, General Catalyst Partners, and Menlo Ventures.

Founder and CEO Nav Athwal says that RealtyShares has over 120,000 users on the platform. The startup says it has deployed over $500 million across more than 1,000 properties since it was founded in 2013.

RealtyShares aims to “diversify in real estate in a way that hasn’t been possible before,” said Athwal. He said that the typical transaction is between $2 million and $50 million.

Although once considered a site for crowdfunding, Athwal says he’d like to move beyond that label. These days, RealtyShares is focused on institutional investors and accredited high net worth individuals.

RealtyShares makes money from placement fees and asset management fees. Basically, it earns a commission at the time of the investment and also over time. Athwal claims that these fees are lower than the industry average.

Tyler Christenson, managing director at Cross Creek Advisors, sent us a note saying his team led the investment round because he believes “RealtyShares is positioned to become the leading marketplace for sub-institutional debt and equity commercial real estate investment. These commercial investment opportunities in multifamily, retail, industrial, and office properties have historically been limited to large institutions, and RealtyShares has been able to break down many of the barriers investors have faced.”

John Jarve, partner emeritus at Menlo Ventures says he invested because “creating an online marketplace for funding middle-market commercial real estate development projects is an enormous opportunity.  RealtyShares is the leader in this space and has assembled a stellar team to conquer this market.”

But RealtyShares isn’t the only startup looking to disrupt the real estate investment space. Although the businesses differ, Fundrise, Patch of Land and RealtyMogul are all looking at the larger market opportunity.

RealtyShares plans to spend the money on improving its technology and brand. Athwal says they are looking to hire employees with backgrounds in data science, engineering, commercial real estate, originations, and underwriting.

RealtyShares previously raised over $35 million in equity funding.

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Bronx Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Traits of The Best Commercial Real Estate Brokers Bronx Has To Offer

There is no denying that the best commercial real estate brokers do things differently than others. They implement a system and have a focus that takes a huge share of the market from their rivals.

In this read, we are going to talk about the differences with the best commercial real estate brokers Bronx NY has to offer. Their focus, skills, and system can be replicated if you are willing to be a good agent. Success in the commercial real estate industry is a choice that’s backed up by a process. Only 10% of the agents in the industry can be said to be really good. In a brokerage of 10 brokers, you will only see one or two that stand out when it comes to commercial property dealings. They reach the top of their game through constant activity, effort, and unrivaled focus.

There will always be a lot of opportunities available to list commercial properties for lease or sale at any time of the year. However, the quality of the listing will have to do a lot with the results you get from inspections and marketing. That means if you want to be a good agent, you need to be a little selective on what clients and properties you take on.

That being said, here are traits that the best commercial real estate brokers the Bronx has to offer all have in common. These factors help them rise to the height of success in their field:

Deliberate effort is required to get anywhere in the market. It’s not unusual for an agent or a broker to put in 10 to 12 hours on a daily basis. Stay active and organized on the things that really matter and you will be eventually rewarded with huge commissions.

The best brokers have a plan of approach to meet their daily objectives. Marketing and prospecting are often at the top of the list.

The qualifications of a potential tenant or a buyer should be done before any meetings and inspections. There are numerous hopefuls in the field that don’t have the capacity to act in a lease or sale.

Every top real estate agent or broker will have a robust and up to date database that they personally use. They add more and more people to their network and ensure relevant and constant contact.

Every top broker is usually prepared to work late during weekdays and even show up during the weekends if required. Most real estate agents often complain about working on weekends, but that would be a strange decision if you factor in the salary and commissions.

It is the goal of a top agent to understand the things that are working and those that aren’t. This is done by testing and measuring everything related to prospecting and marketing. Improving your marketing choices can have a significant impact on your career as a real estate broker.

Area and property specialization allows any real estate agent or broker to concentrate on knowledge and results from the market. Clients like to know that they are working with the best agents in the Bronx.

As you can see, there’s a lot to focus on. So, drive your real estate business forward with action and focus. Always track your progress and let each new day build on the results of the previous one.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers Westchester County NY

How To Find The Best Commercial Real Estate Brokers Westchester County NY Has To Offer

Are you interested in working with commercial real estate brokers Westchester? If you know that you want to work with a broker, you’re going to want to find some of the best options in this area. Here are some of the qualities you should be searching for.

Consider Your Own Needs

Not every person is looking for the same things from a commercial broker. Before you agree to work with a particular broker, you’re going to have to think about what you need. Will this broker be able to service your needs?

Finding the best brokers in Westchester isn’t going to be enough. You can’t just look for a brokerage firm with talented employees. You should specifically be seeking out the kind of broker that will be able to provide you with the help that you need.

Find A Broker You’re Compatible With

You’re going to be spending a lot of time working directly with your broker. You need to make sure that you are completely comfortable around them. You should find a broker that has the same communication style that you do. You should find a broker that listens to your concerns. Make sure that you and your broker will be able to get along.

Sometimes, personalities clash. Make sure that won’t be an issue for you and your broker. If you want to get things done, the two of you are going to have to be able to get along.

Make Sure The Broker Will Be Available To You

If you’re going to be working with a broker, you’ll want to make sure they will be available when you need them. If you have a question for your broker, you’re going to want to make sure you’ll be able to get a response right away.

If your broker doesn’t have room for you on their schedule, you may run into problems. There is no point in partnering with a broker that won’t make time for you. Find a broker who will always be available to you.

Find Out What Kinds Of Services They Offer

Not every broker offers the same sorts of services or support. Services can vary wildly from one brokerage to another. You shouldn’t make assumptions about what a broker can offer you. Instead, you should ask about the services that they do offer up front.

It’s smart to ask some questions before you commit to working with a broker. Try to learn more about them. Find out exactly what kinds of services they offer, and decide whether or not you would be satisfied with that level of support.

There are plenty of commercial real estate brokers Westchester. However, not every broker in the area is going to be a good fit for you. Before you work with someone, you should try to learn a little bit more about them. If you explore your options, you should be able to find some of the best brokers that are based in Westchester.

Top Commercial Real Estate Brokers in NYC – Specializing in Commercial Sales and Leases

Why you should choose to list with us.

As the top commercial real estate brokers in NYC, we help connect landlords to potential and suitable buyers. You might say it is something similar to what bankers do for companies, but we deal with real estate rather than companies. Over the years we have learned that each and every property we sell is unique and offers a different value to the various interested buyers. In this way, it is much harder to find the right buyer for each New York property on sale than it sounds the first time. To do this, you need connections, lots of them, plus the resources for networking and handling the sale. We have a team of handpicked professionals from among the most qualified brokers in town with the education and skill to get your property sold or leased for the best value in virtually no time.

Why us?

You may wonder why we are the best deal you are going to get and below are some reasons why; here is what you can expect when you decide to let our professionals handle your sale.

We are the kind of commercial real estate brokers NYC landlords love working with. We will never pressure you into selling too early.

Keeping in mind that we are paid from the sale of your property, we will tell you upfront whose interests we represent in the sale upfront. In as much as we want you to get the sale over with promptly and have that paycheck, we –unlike others in CRE we will not pressure you into selling for less. In fact, during the entire process, you will at no time feel the pressure to sell and will have the right to be selective until we find you the right buyer.

We sell faster than our competitors

We have one of the best property selling records of sales in town and guarantee the sale of your property for the best price on time. We understand that time is of the great essence to both investors and sellers alike and therefore help to move things along quickly, so we get you the real deal and seal it.

We guarantee your satisfaction.

We are well known, and all your investor and broker buddies will tell you we are the top commercial real estate brokers in NYC and have the resources and experience to handle your sale. You can read our customer reviews to ascertain that we are indeed the masters of client satisfaction. Most –if not all- of our clients say they would choose us over and over again if they had to sell again and as a matter of fact a good number of them already do.

We have our client’s best interest at heart

Finally, you need to know that your sale is being handled by commercial real estate brokers who have your best interests at heart. It is not uncommon to have a double sided broker who is inclined towards self-interest and making quick cash. We, on the other hand, have your back at all times and will be the first one to say “no deal!” when your interest are not protected. Do the right thing, choose us to handle your sale; thank us later for outstanding salesmanship and a hassle free successful sale.

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